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  • 100% pure fruit
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • No added sugar
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Ingredient
    100% Organic freeze dried pineapple bites…that's it !

    In this bag, you will find 112 g of organic pineapple chunks slightly dehydrated at low temperature to make them super crunchy!
  • Our know-how
    Crunchy Fruit, it is one of your five fruit day, easy to eat and to carry on everywhere.
    With the same nutritional values as fruit freshly picked, these healthy snacks are perfects for kids and adults to replenish energy.
    At home, they can also be used as ingredients added to cereals, yogurt, cakes, or any culinary creation.
  • Uses
    Freeze-drying is a process based on water sublimation. The water goes from the solid state (ice) directly to the gas state (steam) without going through the liquid state.

    This high end dehydration method removes all the water of the fruit…and nothing else!
    It retains the nutritional value of the fresh product, as well as its fresh flavour and colour.
    It is also the most successful method of food preservation and can be rehydrated very quickly.
  • Nutrition Facts
    Energy Proteins Carbohydrates Of which sugar Fat Satured fat Fibers Salt Vitamine C
    358 kcal 2,95 g 79,7 g 79,7 g 0,96 g >0,1 g 6,4 g 0,03 g 122 mg
    (200% of DRV)