Our product ranges

Our values

At Organica, we use and make products from organic farming for the following reasons :

    • Taste

    • We are sick of watery tomatoes ! Organic agriculture respects the natural rhythm. It emphasizes quality and taste over quantity and mass production.

    • Health

    • Organic food contains more nutrients than conventional ones. Moreover, there are no pesticides or endocrinological agents which can modify the normal functions of the body.

    • Nature

    • We do not inherit land from our parents, we borrow it from our children ! Organic agriculture does not use any pesticides to protect our lands, our rivers and preserve the future.

Who are we ?

  • Foodies, sports addict and nature lovers, we have decided to unify our passions around a life project which allow us to share our values :to propose organic products which are healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly.

    This is how Organica is born !
    Did we miss anyhting ?

    Of course! Because we strongly believe that eating has to be a pleasure, our first concern is to make tasty products !